Thursday, 8 August 2013

Toy Review - I've found Miss Clover the Zelf...

...well actually she found me as I came home from a spectacularly bad day at work to find her waiting for me!

Miss Clover is the rare 'hard to find' Zelf in the medium range. After much speculation about how we get our hands on turns out she's a mail-away! In the UK you can get her by completing a slip which is on the back cover of the Zelfs magazine and sending it, along with receipts which show you've spent £30 in total on Zelfs products, to an address provided. She will then be posted to you free of charge...awesome much? There are 1000 of these cuties ready to go to a good home in the UK!

However...I have discovered this evening that you can also get the voucher to complete here... so no magazine needed...yay!

My Miss Clover arrived very quickly - 3 days to be precise, which is amazing service and I'm loving the company behind this toy like more and more every day.

There is nothing I don't love about Miss Clover - she's as special as I thought she would be (and completely glittery - amazing!). And so, without further prepared for a crazy number of photos!

Here are here pretty clover leaf wings...

She's comes with the most special of charms - unlike the other Zelfs, hers is made out of metal...

And as if that wasn't enough she also includes a golden token to tell you what number Miss Clover you've been lucky enough to receive...

Mine is number 569 of 10,000 - that's right, there are 10,000 of these little beauties out there in the world! The metal charm also has the number stamped on the back.

I don't think my photos do her colour much justice - she's a very pretty green, but I don't think my camera is a fan of all the sparkles! I'm definitely going to try a few different photoshoots and backgrounds for her, so stay tuned for more pictures!

If you're a fan of The Zelfs (who isn't?!) then good luck finding her!


  1. Wow, she is a beauty... I wish she were a mail-in order here in the U.S.. :( I think she's randomly packed into shipments to stores here, it's pure luck if you find one.

    Thanks for all the photos! ^_^

    -Darkflare @

  2. Oh Thankyou for these close ups! I am desparate to get my hands on one of these. She is gorgeous.

  3. OMG Miss clover is so awesome! I wish we could get her like that in New Zealand......I really wish that someday I'll get her
    thx for showing ^_^

  4. im in new zealand too and im DESPERATE!! I need her!! please can you do this for me??? cry if you have any hints :)

  5. Im in NZ too. I wish they would come here...

  6. that link wont work anymore : ( . do you know if the coupons are still available ?

  7. toy hunting when I bought my 2,nd zelf knew I had to track her down no luck still
    got pega sue garny and lil d

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  9. Wish I'd known that's how you get her here.... would've loved to have her!